WWE Legend Undertaker Surfaces In 'American Gun' Shirt

WWE Legend Undertaker

Loves America and Guns

… Here’s Proof

11/3/2017 10:40 AM PDT

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You might not recognize him without his hat and gloves … but you’re looking at WWE legend The Undertaker … proudly putting his conservative views on display in Texas. 

52-year-old Mark Calaway was spotted leaving a Best Buy on Thursday — rocking an “American Gun” shirt which features the American flag in the shape of an assault rifle. 

The shirt is made by a company called Centurion — which touts itself as a “USMC Veteran owned and operated business dedicated to promoting traditional conservative values.”

Taker isn’t the only WWE superstar with a conservative alter ego — his old wrestling pal, Kane (real name Glenn Jacobs), is running for County Mayor in Tennessee as a Republican. 

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