Virgin America Sues Todrick Hall Over Annoyingly Catchy Safety Video

Virgin America

Buckle Up, Todrick Hall …

We’re Suing Over Safety Video

5/17/2018 2:46 PM PDT


Virgin America¬†says it got screwed on that safety video — that’s definitely still stuck in your head if you’ve ever flown the airline — because the guy who produced it, got sloppy … legally speaking.

The airline’s super-bouncy little ditty about buckling seat belts, life vests and oxygen masks was created by Todrick Hall — a singer and choreographer you probably remember from season 9 of “American Idol,” and also the safety video.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, when Todrick sold the video to Virgin for $3,000, he told them he had cleared all components of the video — meaning he had legal rights to the music, voices and performances. Virgin says according to their deal … if that wasn’t the case, Todrick would be on the hook.

Enter said hook — Virgin got sued by a woman named Noemi Del Rio, who says she worked with Todrick in 2013 to co-create the safety video. That’s her voice during the distinctive “little girl’s rap” portion of the video. Del Rio says she never gave Todrick rights to her voice, so she’s suing Virgin to get paid.

In its lawsuit against Todrick, Virgin says he’s gotta cover their ass, financially speaking, for the lawsuit with Del Rio.

Translation: This is your captain speaking, and there’s gonna be some turbulence ahead, Todrick. Fasten your seat belt. *DING*

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