Ryan Lochte Says Michael Phelps Has No Chance in Shark Race

Ryan Lochte

No Way In Hell Phelps Beats Shark

7/14/2017 6:15 AM PDT


Does Ryan Lochte think Michael Phelps will win his race against a great white shark??


The 12-time Olympic medalist was leaving the Treats Party at the Dream Hotel with his Playboy model fiancee, Kayla Rae Reid … when he told us his Team USA bud is no match for White Death.

Phelps is attempting the 100-meter open-water race as part of Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” next week … but Lochte says even the GOAT will sink against his non-human opponent.

We also congratulated the new father on the birth of his son, Caiden … and Lochte tells us he’s “so f**kin’ happy” to be a dad.

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