President Trump & Putin 'Love Story' Cartoon Stirs Controversy

President Trump

Putin ‘Love Story’

Plays Out in NYT ‘Toon

7/16/2018 7:35 AM PDT

Presidents Trump and Putin got a thing going on … a love thing, if ya buy into the satirical cartoon The New York Times just released, which is already stirring a ton of controversy.

“Trump and Putin: A Love Story” uses real soundbites from POTUS and puts them over images of the leaders on a date — cruising in a car and riding a unicorn surrounded by rainbows and hearts. 

Their rendezvous takes a TV-MA turn, though — Trump tweaks Putin’s nipples, they make out and, finally … there’s some intense tongue wrestling. 

Some people think the whole thing is extremely homophobic, and others see it as hilarious. 

So, we gotta ask … 

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