Mayweather, McGregor Lock Horns In London Presser (LIVE STREAM)

Mayweather, McGregor

Lock Horns In London

7/14/2017 10:56 AM PDT


Conor and Floyd have gone international … touching down in England for a showdown close to McGregor’s home turf.

Word on the street is the SSE Arena in Wembley is packed full of Conor fans — this is gonna get intense.

The two have already verbally jousted in L.A., Toronto and NYC — which was extra crazy, with Conor calling 50 Cent a bitch, and addressing the racism issue.

If the trend continues, there will be lots of yelling, chanting and insults.

The whole thing is set to begin at 11 AM PT … but the way these guys keep a schedule, it’s anybody’s guess when they’ll actually take the stage.

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