David Spade Mocks Conor & Floyd, They're Like '2 Chicks at Brunch'

David Spade

Mocks Conor & Floyd

They’re Like ‘2 Chicks at Brunch’

7/13/2017 3:46 PM PDT


David Spade says he ain’t impressed with the Mayweather, McGregor media throwdowns — telling TMZ Sports the incessant jabbering is like “2 chicks at brunch.”

It’s pretty funny … Spade is a big sports fan and has clearly been following the MayMac madness — but it seems he’s annoyed with all the talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. 

“They’re both talking at the same time. No one’s listening … I’ve never seen that much talking in my life.” 

Spade also explains why McGregor will walk away a winner when it’s all said and done … even if he “gets the sh*t kicked out of him.”

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